About Us

Dan Paff – Owner

Marstan Cleaners is a third generation Dry Cleaning business that started with Daniel Paff’s Grandpa – Chester D. Paff, Sr. Grandpa Paff had three locations in 1960’s, Brick, Neptune and Eatontown. Daniel’s Father – Chester D. Paff, Jr. was attended business school at Monmouth College at the time and Grandpa Paff’s Business was growing and growing to fast for him and his partner Bill Bell. After Chester Jr. graduated, worked couple years in Insurance, He knew He wanted to be his own Boss.

In 1965 Chester Jr. bought Chester Sr. Neptune location while going to night school to learn the Dry Cleaning business. Daniel’s Father in 1967 then moved Neptune’s location to Shark River Plaza due to the expansion of Route 33 that was going to cut off traffic flow to original location. After Chester Jr. moved to new location, his Business grew more and in 1974 bought a new location in Sea Girt Mall on Highway 35 as a drop store. Chester Jr. Business flourished for 37 years. He provided well for his family with two children and wife. Daniel who graduated from R.I.T. in 1993 eventually went into the family business and Gale became a teacher at a local school teaching Science.

In 1995, Daniel went into the family business. Chester Jr. his Dad taught him everything he knew and then sent Daniel to National Institute of Dry Cleaning in Silver Springs, MD. To learn other techniques in Professional Dry Cleaning. Daniel added new ideas to Chester’s Business and earned a percentage from those ideas on top of normal salary. Later Daniel approached his Dad to buy the Business and expand it into Free Pickup and Delivery, cleaning and repairing Designer and handbags, Restoration of Wedding and Christening gowns or Canvas U.S. Postal carry bags from 1960’s. Daniel added a few more new services for the business.

Chester Jr. outfitted the Sea Girt Mall location into a plant for Daniel and sold the Neptune location. Chester Jr. retired in 2002. Daniel keep his Father’s one constant value to the Business called Marstan Cleaners, their Honesty, Integrity and Respect to the community in providing excellent services.

Services offered to who walked in their doors, pickup and delivery services at homes and offices or sent in by mail. Marstan Cleaners finds a way to do it all.