Leather, Suede, & Fur

Marstan Cleaners can determine the correct approach for processing any leather, suede, or fur garment. We take pride in returning your item as close to its original texture and color as possible. Your garments are gently cleaned, dried and the natural oils are introduced back into your garment, returning the luster of the fur and giving back that soft and supple feel.

When your garment has water, mildew, ink or food stains, smoke or other odors, Marstan Cleaners is its best chance for survival.

The sooner you bring it in the better it is for stains and odor to be removed. 

We will take in garments you may have taken to other dry cleaners to try and restore.

We handle all coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts, hats, capes, shawls, scarfs, vests, pants made out of sable, fox, mink, cowhide, chinchilla, chenille & beaver, lambskin, goat skin, snake, alligator and more. For Fall Storage, we use a climate controlled vault to store your coat.