Shoe & Purse Repair

It is a mark of the well dressed man or woman to have their shoes shined and in good repair. A good shoe repair service is hard to find. Save those designer shoes from the bottom of your closet.

We can re-attach heels, repair, or simply shine your shoes and boots. From full or half soles and heels, whether rubber or leather heel tips or stretching. We provide a full range of shoe repair services.

Charges are based on the nature of the shoe repair.

Designer Handbags and Purses Cleaning and Repair

Marstan Cleaners can clean your favorite designer handbags and purses. Whether the material is fabric, suede or leather, each bag we receive is carefully hand cleaned to its original beauty (however, certain stains may not be removable). Our purse repair service can put your favorite handbag back in order.

Suede, leather, and other bags should be cleaned when they are light to moderately stained. Waiting until the designer handbag/purse is heavily soiled reduces the chances for the best possible results. Cleaning soiled designer handbag/purse is part of our many services we offer at Marstan Cleaners.