Why Us?

A Good Value is what we provide our customers. We do it through quality work and excellent customer service. This gives our customers the EXTRA FREE TIME to do the things they’d rather be doing instead of washing and ironing clothes.

Experience the convenience, save time, and money by leaving the cleaning and pressing of your clothes with us.

Our seamstress will provide the proper alterations for your clothes. For the past 50+ years, we have provided expertise in handling the following:

  • Delicate to heavy fabrics
  • Stain removal
  • Doing the specialty pieces
  • Restoration and preservation
  • Garment storage
  • Creating something new
  • Household textiles
  • Moth and mildew protection
  • Odor removal
  • Extend the life of garment

Who is responsible for your garments and household items? The Federal Trade Commission and the Care Label Rule are used to provide guidance in the cleaning the item. The FTC website will allow you to look up the manufacturer of the garment. A problem with the garment can be a manufacturer defect. Take the garment back to the retailer or use the FTC website to find out who the manufacturer is and send the garment, receipt, and reason for your dissatisfaction.

Our prices changes due to color, size, fabric, and how the item is made by the manufacturer.


Our honest, pride taken staff services our customer as if they were family. We greet our customers by their first and last name. Ask them how their vacation was or if one of their family members is ill, and we know about it, we ask how they are doing. We know our customers.

Marstan Cleaners accepts all credit cards, checks and cash on pick-up and delivery accounts and over the counter.